Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Play The Bloody Music!

I don't like radio DJs (disc jockeys). You know, those annoying people who speak between songs on the radio. I would much prefer if radio wiped out DJs and all we had to listen to was music and news bulletins. Radio then wouldn't be so annoying. It has got to the point for me now that I'm hardly listening to the radio at all. I switch it on and more often than not, there is someone muttering on about something. Play the bloody music!

The problem is DJs just love talking about themselves. They love being the centre of attention. What makes it worse is, they are surrounded by cronies who chat with them and laugh at almost anything the DJ says. Many DJs can't do a show on their own. They need people to talk to. They aren't strong enough to do a show by themselves. Idle chit chat with others needs to be part of the show. Play the bloody music!

I prefer when the DJ is talking to the listener. Of course, this means the DJ is on their own and not constantly talking to someone in the studio. When the DJ has a motley crew in the studio, the DJ is not talking to the listener. The DJ is talking to the cronies in the studio. Sadly, this is a phenomenon of modern radio. Play the bloody music!

Northsound 1 have cloned their breakfast show on that of Radio 1. It's makes me cringe. It's embarrassing. This morning, I tuned into Northsound 1 for a minute and the DJ was chatting about going 2 days without shaving to the amusement of his giggling gang. Please! I don't want to know. It's utterly dull and boring. It's the lowest common denominator. Play the bloody music!

When the DJs talk, half the time they don't say what song they played. Several times I've heard a song and wondered what it was, only for the DJ to waffle on about something and not tell us what the song was. Their job is to tell us what is playing. If they can't be bothered doing that, they might as well not be there. I don't want to listen to their idle chit chat. Play the bloody music!

I remember many years ago when satellite music television channels used to have VJs (video jockeys). However, it was decided their sevices weren't needed anymore, so instead, music videos were played back to back without the need for VJs. This is what needs to be done on radio. Remove the DJs so all we hear is the music. For the last time, play the bloody music!

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