Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Beatles.

Last night on YouTube, I watched several Beatles clips. In fact, make that rather a lot of Beatles clips. After I watched and heard the first one, I just had to watch and hear another... and another... and another... and so on.

What a magnificent body of work they created within the space of 10 wonderful years. It must have been a big event every time The Beatles released a single or album back in the 60s. From recording 3 minute bubblegum pop songs through to the musical progression of their later more intricate work, they went on one huge musical journey, becoming the biggest and greatest band the world has ever seen.

To this day, in my opinion, they are still the greatest musical act of all time. Back in the 60s, far more music was released by artistes than today, and The Beatles released a new album every year in their existence. That's how prolific they were. It's not about quantity, though. It's quality that is the most important factor. And their whole body of work was of top quality.

Incredibly, I only have two "best of" compilations of their catalogue on cd in my collection. For years, I have intended on buying a box set of their complete works, but have never actually did it. Of course, I will have to correct that in the not too distant future. It's ridiculous to think the band I regard as the greatest ever, I don't have any of their original studio albums! Shocking.

We will never see their like again, sadly. Not even close. Music being recorded today comes nowhere near the standard of The Beatles. Sometimes I wish I had been born a little earlier, so that I could have fully appreciated the massive impact and universal popularity of The Beatles and their music. Obviously, nothing I could have done about that!

Picking my favourite Beatles song is very difficult, though, because they recorded many classic tunes. Paperback Writer has to be up there, though. The video (or promotional film as it was called in 1966) is absolutely wonderful. It captures the band halfway through their career, looking happy, relaxed, and cool! Great song as well, of course.

I've included it among three clips that I've posted here in my blog. Each and every one a genuine classic. Enjoy.

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