Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Keyboard Warriors.

There appears to be a phenomenon on the internet called "Keyboard Warriors". It's not something new, and in fact, has been building up and up with the rise in popularity of the internet over the past 10 years or so. Like a monster. Who or what are Keyboard Warriors? People who sit at the keyboards of their computers and type aggressive comments and abuse towards people who they hate or disagree with.

Not only aggressive, but obscene, insulting, and provocative words to anybody who comes into their line of fire. You can read their comments on websites such as Twitter, YouTube, and any forum you can find. Someone leaves a comment or opinion about something, and they are shot down in flames by a Keyboard Warrior because it goes against their view of the subject in hand. Cyber bullies is another description that can be used for these unpleasant people.

Why do Keyboard Warriors have a need to be extremely unpleasant when hurling their anger towards their targets? I guess it's a reflection on regular life... many people are unhappy with their lives for various reasons, and have a need to cause as much trouble and disruption to as many people as they possible can. There are those sitting at their computers who are bored and have nothing better to do than pick an argument with someone. They are safe in the knowledge they can say anything inflammatory to anyone they want, without fear of physical reprisal. What brave warriors they are!

I've been the target of a few Keyboard Warriors at Twitter. Comments of mine have been responded with abuse for no reason. One guy wrote that because I had food poisoning, I wasn't an American, and therefore a fag! Who rights something like that? A guy who is utterly frustrated with life and likely to shoot random people in his neighbourhood. Frightening. Another guy (it's always guys, by the way) responded to a derogatory comment I made about Ibiza, and asked if I had ever been to Ibiza, and if not, to shut the fuck up! Why does he care about my opinions? He doesn't know me. Seriously, if he had said that to my face, I would have punched him.

As I wrote earlier, these Keyboard Warriors think they're being tough and strong typing abuse to people, but would they spout the same words to the faces of the people they are abusing? Of course not. I used to get wound up by them, but no more. A simple reply of "I don't care about you or your opinions, so don't tweet me again" is suffice, closely followed by a blockade of their account. Or just cut straight to the block button. In other words, deleting them. Don't let the Keyword Warriors drag you down to their level. Rise above it.

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