Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hang The DJs.

I have decided to stop listening to the radio altogether. I don't have much time for new music that is being recorded these days, but I don't mind listening to the oldies. However, disc jockeys get right up my nerves. I can't stand listening to them anymore.

I avoided the DJs who talk to other people in the studio to help them with their show. I tended to stick with the DJs who were strong enough to present a show all by themselves. Those who spoke to the listeners as opposed to chatting to their cronies in the studio. However, I can't bare to listen to any of them anymore.

Some of them have radio robotic voices, programmed like a computer to fill in the spaces between the songs. They talk nonsense the majority of time, and don't tell us what songs are playing when you are curious to know what it is. I've always thought the whole point of a DJ was to tell you what song is playing.

They got rid of the video jockeys on the satellite music channels, so please do the same with the disc jockeys on the radio channels. Play song after song, back to back. Keep the news and weather bulletins. Keep the adverts. But please hang the DJs. 

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