Monday, 18 October 2010

Liverpool FC.

I equate the Liverpool football team to a piece of rotten fruit. No point in keeping hold of it - best to throw it in the bucket. Okay, we can't throw an entire football team in the bucket, but there are several players there who don't deserve to play for the club again. Babel, Lucas, and Rodriguez immediately spring to mind here. They have been, on the whole, poor in their performances for Liverpool and deserve to be booted out of the club.

"Stars" like Torres, Cole, and Johnson have been a disgrace. We all know what they are capable of, but these three have been cheating the fans on every occasion they've had the privilege of pulling on the Liverpool shirt this season. Particularly Torres. If he wants to leave in the next transfer window, let him do so. Replace him with players who want to play for the club and are prepared to give 100% effort. Hell, I would pick N'Gog ahead of him at the moment!

Why Skrtel gets picked ahead of Agger and Kyrgiakos is a mystery to me. It's time he was banished to the reserves. New signings Jovanovic, Konchesky and Poulson need time to settle in, so I'm still giving them the benefit of the doubt. For the time being. However, I'm pretty sure they are not up to expected standard of being a Liverpool first team regular. Other new signing Meireles is a quality player and will shine for the team eventually.

Gerrard, Carragher, and Kuyt always give 100% commitment when playing, and are doing their best in face of the mediocrity around them. Reina has kept the opposition's goals down to a minimum and has performed consistently well, considering the circumstances. Apart from his mistake against Arsenal - which was partly caused by the sun beaming into his eyes - he has been more or less faultless this season.

I wouldn't be surprised of Aquilani is recalled from his loan period. Much criticised by the Liverpool fans, he showed promise and wasn't given sufficent opportunity to show what he can do. It was a mistake by the manager to despatch him out on loan.

Is Hodgson the right manager to drive Liverpool forward? I have my doubts. The job is appearing to be too much for him. Some of his team selections have been questionable, and he tends to leave substitutions too late in the game. The board need to make a decision within the next few weeks whether he deserves more time to turn it around. There's no point in giving him transfer funds in January if he isn't going to be the manager next season. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Kenny Dalglish or Martin O'Neill in charge.

Yes, it's no fun being a Liverpool FC fan at the moment. There is a huge job ahead to turn the fortunes around and get the team into a European qualifying place. Yes, a top 7 position is far more realistic than a place in the top 4. Goodness me, a top 7 finish would be a marvellous achievement from where we are at the moment. Things can only get better.

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