Monday, 18 October 2010


I'm getting fed up with people saying "prison doesn't work". If it doesn't work, it's because the prisoners aren't in prison for long enough! It appears to be forgotten than prison is a form of punishment, and supposed to be a deterrent from offending in the future. Nowadays, the impression is prison needs to be a form of therapy, and if the therapy doesn't work, then the offenders shouldn't have gone to prison. Absolute nonsense!

Too many prisoners are being released halfway through their sentences. Once a sentence is issued, it should be served in full. In fact, many sentences are far too leniant. in addition, many people are avoiding jail for committing serious crimes, and is another reason for the increase in crime in the UK. The authorities need to get tougher and hand out longer sentences, and a sentence means serving a full sentence - not being released early.

People must be looking at the trivial punishments being handed out and thinking there won't be a heavy punishment if they're caught. Our courts are a laughing stock. This country isn't called "Soft touch Britain" for nothing. Other nations must laugh at how our offenders are "punished". Crime will continue to increase and nothing will change until there's a much tougher stance when dealing with the criminal element.

The ridiculous situation of over-crowded prisons should never have been allowed to happen. The population in the country increases every year, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out there will be more crime, and as a result, more prisoners. Yet, there appeared to be no addition of prisons. That's why we have shorter sentences and offenders not going to prison when they should. What an embarrassing shambles. More prisons need to be built or we will eventually have anarchy in the streets.

Will anything be done about it? I very much doubt it. I think the authorities want to close prisons than build more. Take comfort in the thought that if you commit a serious crime, you will have a light sentence. And if you commit a crime that isn't serious, you won't even have to go to prison. The courts are more interested in handing out therapy than punishment these days. What a joke. And a very unfunny one.

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