Thursday, 12 August 2010

David Beckham.

I think Fabio Capello's treatment of David Beckham is a disgrace. To not tell him in advance he has no intention of playing him again in competitive matches defies belief. Where is the respect? The respect for a loyal servant for his country for 14 years. Many players retire from international football when it suits them (Paul Scholes, Alan Shearer, Paul Robinson, and Wes Brown to name a few) and it's admirable to see a player like Beckham continue to say over the years that he will be happy to play for his country when called upon. The easy option would have been for Beckham to retire from international football like those aforementioned.

Beckham's international career looked finished when he made the big mistake of moving to the USA, but through hard work and determination, he fought himself back into the team. It looks unlikely as if he can achieve this again and it's a sad end to an international career that deserved a better end. Of course, Beckham would have played in the World Cup if he hadn't been injured, but given the team's dreadful performance, perhaps he was glad he didn't play any part in it.

If it was up to me, I would sack Capello for the following reasons -

1. His tactics, formation, and wrong player selection was a major reason why the England team flopped in South Africa.
2. The atmosphere in the England camp is not harmonious due to Capello's strict ways.
3. His English still isn't up to standard and it must affect communication with the players.
4. His distinct lack of enthusiasm when Steven Gerrard scored those two fantastic goals against Humgary.
5. His lack of respect for David Beckham by ending his international career without letting him know privately.

It isn't Beckham that should be retiring - it should be Capello. Show him the exit door now.

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