Friday, 20 August 2010

The Decline Of Social Interaction.

Social habits have radically changed over recent years. Addiction to modern gadgets in preference to social interaction. Society has been like this for a while now, but observations by two celebrities today have underlined this point.

Observation 1 - Elizabeth Hurley posted this comment in her Twitter feed today -

"Pouring with rain - 8 people sitting with laptops, ipads and blackberries round the table. Weird sign of times. Wish I had a jigsaw."

Observation 2 - Stoke City footballer Dave Kitson said today -

"iPods are one of the most anti-social things to have come into the changing room.
Changing rooms should be buzzing with anticipation and energy before a game.
But more and more I see players slumped around in their own world, generally looking miserable.
Music can be a great motivational tool, but it works far better if everyone listens to the same thing and talks to each other.
I like to think music should be used to get you up for a game of football - not for relaxing you. Football is not relaxing."

Do you see what these two observations have in common? Both highlight how the likes of laptops, mobile phones, ipads, and ipods have helped bring a decline in social interaction with other people, as well as sitting and watching what is happening around us.  

  • Why would you want to have an interesting conversation with someone when you can be on your laptop or ipad?  
  • Why would you want to have a laugh and joke with your colleague when you can be listening to music on your ipod?  
  • Why would you want to watch what your young child is doing when you can be busy having a text conversation on your mobile phone?  
These modern gadgets and the internet are fine, but it has made people less socially active, less caring, and less attentive. 
This is society 2010. That's just the way it is. Like it or not.

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